With demand for the ‘complete system’ look in construction and products, more and more acrylic accessories are manufactured and made available to compliment the finishing.

Accessories such as acrylic bolt and nut, acrylic hinges, acrylic soft/hard cushion, acrylic triangular & square supporting rod, crome metal spacer and aluminium skylight profile are useful tools. Even steel fasteners are incorporated and used to keep acrylic frames in place, which gives it the ‘complete system’ look in furniture fixtures.

Acrylic Bolt & Nut
Available Sizes
Diameter 4mm x 8mm (Bulge)
Diameter 4mm x 8mm (Bulge)
Diameter 4mm x 8mm (Bulge)
Diameter 4mm x 8mm (Bulge)
Diameter 4mm x 8mm (Bulge)
Diameter 4mm x 8mm (Bulge)
Diameter 4mm x 8mm (Bulge)

Application: Poster Frame, Signage, Notice Board

Acrylic Hinges – Clear
Available Sizes
31mm x 25mm Small
38mm x 32mm Medium
45mm x x38mm Large
37mm x 1220mm Long

Application: Display Box, Cover etc.

Acrylic Supporting Rod
Length 1220mm ( 48” )
Thickness 3 mm 5 mm 6 mm 8 mm

Available Sizes
5mm x 5mm x 1220mm (L) ( 48” )

Application: Display Box, Divider/Partitions, Showcasing Cover, Tray, Poster Frame etc.

Crome Metal Spacer
Available Sizes
Diameter 12mm x 22mm (L)
Diameter 19mm x 25mm (L)
Diameter 19mm x 30mm (L)
Diameter 19mm x 40mm (L)
Diameter 25mm x 30mm (L)
Diameter 25mm x 40mm (L)
Diameter 25mm x 50mm (L)
Diameter 25mm x 80mm (L)

Application: Signage, Poster Frame, Notice Board

Stainless Steel Screw Cap
Available Sizes
Diameter 16mm
Diameter 19mm
Diameter 22mm
Diameter 25mm
Diameter 30mm