( ACRIFIX® 192 )

ACRIFIX®1R 0192 ( ACRIFIX® 192 )
One-component polymerization adhesive. Clear, purplish viscous solution of an acrylic polymer in methyl methacrylate, which polymerizes on exposure to light.

Preferably for transparent edge and area bonds of acrylic.

Typical values
Viscosity,Brookfield II/12/20°C :1800 ± 200 mPa • ѕ
Density (20°C ) : ~ 1.02 g/ cm3
Refractive Index nD20: ~ 1.44
Color : Clear Slightly Purplish
Flashpoint DIN 53213 : ~ 10 °C
Storage Stability : 2 years after filling, if correctly stored
Storage Temperature : Max. 30°C
Packaging materials : Aluminum / Coloured glass
Thinner : ACRIFIX®TC 0030,max. 10%

Safety Measures and Health Protection
Labelling acc to Directive 1999/45/EC. Highly flammable (F), Irritant (Xi). Contains methyl methacrylate. Irritating to eyes, respiratory system, skin. Sensitization by skin contact possible. Keep away from sources of ignition and do not smoke. Avoid contact with skin. In the event of cantact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor. Wear suitable protective gloves.

Keep container tightly closed in a cool place protected against light.

Working Instruction : Preparing the parts to be Bonded.

Degrease the surfaces to be bonded with water containing a wetting agent (washing-up liquid), or with THINNER and CLEANSER 30. Internally stressed parts must be annealed before bonding in order to avoid stress cracking.

Product Range




Aluminium Composite Panel

Light Fixtures

Super Slim Lightings & LED

Adhesive (Glue)

PVC Sheet


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