( ACRIFIX® 109 )

ACRIFIX®1S 0109 ( ACRIFIX® 109 )

Special adhesive for use in signage. Preferentially used for bonding uncrosslinked PLEXIGLAS grade and injection moldings made from PLEXIGLAS molding compound. The joint cross-section should not be too large. ACRIFIX® 109 is not suitable for area bonding. ACRIFIX® 109 is sufficiently gap-filling and shows no capillary action. It allows rapid subsequent treatment of the bonded items and provides high ultimate strength..

For commercial use only

Product and Use Type
Viscous, clear one-component solution adhesive that cures physically by evaporation of the solvents and their absorption in the bonded articles.

Typical Values
Viscosity: Bookfield A/12/20°C : ≤ 15 mPa.s
Density(20°C) : ~ 1.22 g/cm3
Processing range : (tested with battery acid tester made of glass)
Refractive index nD20 : ~ 1.408
Color : Clear to yellowish: color does not affect bonding properties.
Flash point (DIN 51755) : No flash point
Solids content : ≤ 1 %
Storage Stability : 2 years after filling, if correctly stored Storage temperature : Max. 30°C
Packaging Materials : Glass and Aluminum
Curing : Physically, by evaporation and absorption in the bonded articles

Safety Measures and Health Protection
Labeling acc. To Directive 1999/45/EC: Harmful(Xn). Contain dichloromethane. Harmful if swallowed suspected carcinogen. Do not breathe vapour /spray. Avoid contact with the eyes and skin. Wear suitable protective gloves and clothing during works. In case of fire and/ or explosion, do not breathe fume. Special provisions for preparations according to Directive 1999/45/EG, Annex V, Part B: Contains methyl methacrylate. May cause allergic reactions.

Storage / Transport
Keep container tightly closed in cool place
UN 2810.

Working Instructions
The parts to be bonded do not need to fit perfectly. Since ACRIFIX® 109 is sufficiently gap-filling. The parts to be bonded must be grease –free-cleaning with petroleum ether or isopropyl alcohol is recommended.

For ease of processing, fill a small quantity of ACRIFIX® 109 into a glue dispenser,

e.g. small polyethylene bottle with nozzle. The air bubbles produced disappear again after a short time. Place the parts to be bonded in the required position (not pressed together), then continuously apply ACRIFIX® 109 by means of the nozzle. The adhesive stops flowing after 1 to 2 minutes, enable the parts to be further bonded in a different position.

Whitening around the adhesive joint is due to water condensing from the air (especially if the room temperature is low).

The larger the cross-section of the joint, the more likely bubble formation is.

Product Range




Aluminium Composite Panel

Light Fixtures

Super Slim Lightings & LED

Adhesive (Glue)

PVC Sheet


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