Polycarbonates sheets are excellent roofing material and are widely used in fabrication of domed windows, skylights, extended porches, commercial spaces such as hotel, coffee shops and public spaces in banks, hospital, bus stop... etc

Solid sheets are commonly used in Construction, Glazing, Advertising and Thermoformed products.

This material delivers;
- Transparency of glass at half the weight
- Possesses the strenght of steel
- Can be cold bent or thermoformed
- Protects against harmful UV radiation
- Good acoustical insulation
- Ideal for applications such as sky lights, architectural roofing and glazing

Possess superb properties includes;
- impact resistance - practically unbreakable
- wide service temperature range
- high clarity
- light transmission
- suitable for usage as machine guards, safety glazing, green house... etc.

Come in clear, translucent or opaque, in various colours, another common application is in the field of advertising panels and signages.

Raw Material Sizes :
Thickness - 0.38 mm to 15 mm
Width - up to 2,050 mm
Length - up to 8,000 mm for flat sheet

Raw Material Colours:
Clear and various tinted colours

**Other sizes, thickness or colours can be produced with minimum order quantity and is subjected to manufacturer's terms and conditions

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