Polycarbonate Twin-Wall Sheets

Multi-Walls/Twinwall PC Sheets provide high impact resistance, ideal for use in areas exposed to vandalism, high architectural versatility, practically unbreakable, non-toxic, good acoustic insulation, flexible (can be hot or cold bent), transparency of glass at half the weight, weather & UV resistant and excellent light transmission.

Multi-Walls/Twinwall PC Sheets come in clear, translucent, opal, turquoise and various tinted colours.

Fish pond covers, conservatories, agriculture, covered walkways, etc.

Clear +
Clear LED +
Opal White +
Tileglass Blue +
Tileglass Light Blue +
Tinted Blue +
Tinted Light Blue +
Tileglass Green +
Tinted Green +
Tinted Turqoise +
Tileglass Bronze +
Tinted Bronze +
Tileglass Grey +
Tinted Grey +
Silver +


**Other sizes, thickness or colours can be produced with minimum order quantity and is subjected to manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

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